Winning sales
strategies for 2024

From top 18 sales leaders

This ebook is the compilation of authentic, unfiltered and direct answers from experts to the most common and a few uncommon challenges faced by sales professionals.
We interviewed sales leaders from diverse backgrounds to shed light on various sales strategies that will work in 2024 and the upcoming decade. We talked to VPs about strategy, Directors about sales operations, Thought leaders and Influencers about best practices and the emerging sales trends.
What's in this ebook?
  • Winning enterprise SaaS sales strategies
  • Common sales mistakes to avoid
  • Key to cracking enterprise sales
  • Effective prospecting and pipeline building strategies
  • 16 must-have sales tools (recommended by sales leaders)
  • 2024 sales trends
  • Essential sales books to read (recommended by sales leaders)

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Featured Interviews

"Don't declare war on leads. Declare war on the mediocrity of leads."
Sangram Vajre
Co-founder and Chief Evangelist at Terminus
"Nobody wants to feel rejected, which is why you reach out to people who you know. Make sure you have a multi-touch approach using…"
Morgan J Ingram
Director of Sales Execution and Evolution at JBarrows Sales Training