How to Create Engaging Videos
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How to Create Engaging Videos

Aug 25, 2022 | 2:30 PM EST

In her previous webinar, Cracking the Code to Selling with Video, Shari Levitin made it amply clear video is the new way to sell (if you haven’t watched it yet, you can do so here). In her upcoming webinar, Shari will unlock the secret to creating videos that’ll keep your prospects hooked throughout and compel them to take action.

Some key highlights covered will be

  • Striking a balance between being professional and engaging in videos
  • How to keep your video succinct while not missing out on crucial details
  • Elements that you can add to your video to make them interactive and actionable
  • How to nail aspects such as lighting and background when creating a video
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About the Speakers
Shari Levitin
Global Sales Leader, Author, CEO of Levitin Group

Shari is a bestselling author, business growth expert, sales trainer, and keynote speaker passionate about helping people transform their businesses. She helps Fortune 500 companies master virtual selling skills to increase win rates. Outside of work, she likes hiking and rock climbing, among other outdoor activities.

Heidi Catherine Quaschnick
RVP of Sales, Hippo Video

Heidi is a sales leader who helps sales teams grow their pipeline and accelerate their sales cycle using video sales enablement tools.