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Cracking the Code to Selling With Videos

April 28 | 2:30 PM EST

Have you ever wondered why your emails and phone calls go wholly ignored by prospects or, even if they work, the sales cycle takes months? According to a UCLA study, body language makes up 55% of communication, and that’s why videos are the fastest way to earn your prospect’s trust.

In this webinar, Shari Levitin and Heidi will explore what kind of videos work in different stages of the sales funnel. They’ll also talk about how you can create videos that build trust with prospects.

Key Highlights:
  • How videos expedite the decision-making process among stakeholders
  • Precisely where to use videos in your sales funnel for maximum impact
  • What to talk about in your videos to earn your prospects' trust
  • The types of questions you need to ask in your discovery call to close the sale.
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Shari Levitin
Global Sales Leader, Author, CEO of Levitin Group

About the Speaker

Shari is a bestselling author, business growth expert, sales trainer, and keynote speaker passionate about helping people transform their businesses. She helps Fortune 500 companies master virtual selling skills to increase win rates. Outside of work, she likes hiking and rock climbing, among other outdoor activities.

Heidi Catherine Quaschnick
RVP of Sales, Hippo Video

About the Speaker

Heidi is a sales leader who helps sales teams grow their pipeline and accelerate their sales cycle using video sales enablement tools. In her free time, she explores the great outdoors, plays the piano, and engages in new adventures.

Nishevitha Ramamoorthy
Product Marketer, Hippo Video

About the Moderator

Nishevitha helps spread the word about using videos at different stages of the sales cycle through blogs, newsletters, and webinars like this one. She loves to travel and is an avid reader.