On-demand Webinar

Need for Videos in B2B Cold Outreach

Cold emailing is tough. But, videos give it the best odds. Are you ready for it?

Sales might seem easier with technology, but winning over your prospects is still a total uphill battle. And, generic ‘personalized’ emails won’t make it any different. However, videos might be the game-changer you need.

So join us and learn how to make high-touch connections with low-touch effort using videos in our masterclass with Karthi S Mariappan, CEO and Co-founder of Hippo Video and Renee Lubinski, Senior Director of Marketing at Atrium Hospitality.

With this you’re just a step away from becoming the video outreach superstar!

Key Takeaways
  • What are the current gaps in sales engagement methodology?
  • What are the prominent video trends and challenges?
  • How videos make a strong case across your sales cycle?


S. Karthi Mariappan 

CEO & Co-founder, Hippo Video

Renee Lubinski

Senior Director of Marketing, Atrium Hospitality