Sales Engagement in 2023:
Real, Scalable
Personalisation is Here

7th December, 2022
11 AM (PST)

AI empowers sales engagement
with scalable personalization

The increasing pace of sales and heightening competition have made the quality of personalization crucial in a sales engagement. However, quality often misses quantity. And prioritizing quality and quantity in tandem is a challenge for every sales professional today.

And, this is where AI offers its game-changing capabilities to transform sales engagement by leveling up personalization with a data-driven approach—at scale and speed. Join our elite speakers, Karthi Mariappan and Sandeep Mohan, as they break down the nitty-gritty of a holistic sales stack and its importance in personalizing the customer experience and accelerating sales efforts.

Key takeaways will be:

  • How a thoughtfully implemented sales stack can help in streamlining sales rep activities, make teams more efficient and productive, and eventually drive more business and revenue.
  • The criticality of having right data and how Outplay empowers sales professionals to close more deals with a personalized multichannel outreach.
  • How Hippo Video helps in creating scalable, personalized video sales strategy to boost sales engagement and increases the likelihood of customer receptiveness.


  • Sandeep Mohan

    Head of Inside Sales, Outplay

  • S. Karthi Mariappan

    Founder & CEO, Hippo Video

  • Heidi Sopczak Quaschnick

    RVP of NA sales,
    Hippo Video (Moderator)