Sales Engagement in 2023:
Real, Scalable Personalisation is Here

Sales pipelines are stuck today,
thanks to “Ordinary Sales
Experiences”. This webinar
fixes that!

You built a great product/service; well done! Probably doing a lot of sales prospecting and engagement.

BUT.... your prospects are not just talking to you - there’s competition. Your business stands out on the sales experience you offer. If you provide an "ordinary sales experience"—the same as your peers or competitors—you are competing for, rather than commanding, your customers' attention.

2023 will be different for how sales engagement is done. With personalized videos that offer a truly personalized, interactive experience to your customer.

What should you take away from the talk?

  • Personalization is not just “First Name, Last Name, Company Name” tokens! Context-based personalization will rule in 2023.
  • Where, how and when to apply real, contextual personalization in your sales and marketing efforts.
    • Using demographic, behavioral, psychographic data to create personalized content (we share a live video template you can use)
    • Using AI to create personalized experiences at scale
    • 1:1 vs 1:Many personalization
  • How Hippo Video helps in creating scalable, personalized video sales strategy to boost sales engagement and increases the likelihood of customer receptiveness.


  • Sandeep Mohan

    Head of Inside Sales, Outplay

  • S. Karthi Mariappan

    Founder & CEO, Hippo Video

  • Heidi Sopczak Quaschnick

    RVP of NA sales,
    Hippo Video (Moderator)

  • Sam Grimley

    Global Head of Sales & Account Management, Horizm

  • Jessica Baxter

    Sales Team Lead, Genesys DX

  • Live attendees get to be part of Q&A with panelists. Slides and recordings to be sent after the webinar.