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Three Secrets That Every Successful Salesperson Must Master

Key Takeaways:
  • The one thing that the most successful salespeople have in common
  • The one core loss that will lead to major gains
  • A rock-solid client connection formula to close more deals immediately
  • Q&A
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Jennifer Gluckow
CEO at Sales in a New York Minute

About the Speaker

Jennifer Gluckow, CEO at Sales in a New York Minute helps companies adopt best sales strategies and multiply sales. Jennifer rapidly rose through the ranks of a leading Fortune 500 company as a superstar Salesperson, National Sales Manager, and second in command of Sales. She is also the author of a bestseller that aims at mastering the art of sales.

Sanjana Murali
Product Marketer, Hippo Video

Sanjana owns inbound and branding at Hippo Video, a video personalization and distribution platform. She loves to talk about branding and marketing with videos. She values intelligent conversations more than anything else. An eternal writer, words are her lifeline.

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