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The Only Way to Add Value to Prospects
in Your Cold Outreach

January 26th | 11 AM PT

It’s 2023, and your prospects don’t care if you helped company XYZ scale its revenue by 120% in 6 months.

All they care about is how you will add value to them so they can add value to their team or organization.

And if your cold email doesn’t tell them that, it’ll just end up as one of the dozen unanswered emails in their inbox.

But it’s not easy to add value to your prospect in one email. Instead, you can show them you understand their problems and are genuinely interested in helping them, so they know you’ll be adding value to them sooner rather than later.

How do you do that? That’s precisely what Becc Holland, CEO and Founder of Flip the Script, is going to talk about in her webinar, “The Only Way to Add Value to Prospects in Your Cold Outreach.”

Some key highlights will be:
  • Common mistakes in outbound sales sequences
  • How videos help you communicate your value proposition clearly to your prospects
  • HHow you can personalize your cold outreach videos with little effort
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About the Speakers
Becc Holland
CEO & Founder @ Flip the Script

Practitioner to the core and “victim of the sales craft” in general, Becc is the CEO & founder of Flip the Script — A sales media & consulting company that’s on the perennial search for what comprises quality, authentic & compelling modern-day sales messaging.

Heidi Catherine Quaschnick
RVP of Sales, Hippo Video

Heidi is a sales leader who helps sales teams grow their pipeline and accelerate their sales cycle using video sales enablement tools.