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How to Use Video
as a “Pattern Interrupt” in Sales

June 2nd | 11 AM PT

“I’m not interested.”

“Now isn’t a good time.”

“How’d you get my number?!”

**no response**


As a sales professional making your living by doing cold outreach, you would have got the above replies more often than you’d like. And you can’t blame your prospects either.

They receive so many similar calls and emails every day that their brain is wired to reject cold outreach.

So how do you crack into your cold-outreach-hardened audience?

By doing something unconventional, something that disrupts their natural urge to slam the receiver down & rewires their brain to respond positively.

Come join us with Becc Holland, CEO and Founder of Flip the Script, and maverick sales coach, while she unpacks how to effectively ‘pattern interrupt’ the normal, boring cold emails, get your prospects to pay attention to your outreach, and take a meeting as a result!

Some key highlights will be:
  • What content should go in your video to hook your audience in the first few seconds
  • How to personalize within videos to scream “I hear and get your problems”
  • How to distribute and leverage your video to create a ripple effect.
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About the Speakers
Becc Holland
CEO & Founder @ Flip the Script

Practitioner to the core and “victim of the sales craft” in general, Becc is the CEO & founder of Flip the Script — A sales media & consulting company that’s on the perennial search for what comprises quality, authentic & compelling modern-day sales messaging.

Heidi Catherine Quaschnick
RVP of Sales, Hippo Video

Heidi is a sales leader who helps sales teams grow their pipeline and accelerate their sales cycle using video sales enablement tools.