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Why Video is a Powerful Sales Prospecting Tool

Key Takeaways:
  • Using videos for prospecting: the must-have tool
  • The art of getting responses and engagement with videos
  • Using videos in prospecting, objection handling, closing, & follow-up
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Jeb Blount
CEO of Sales Gravy | Sales Acceleration Specialist

About the Speaker

Jeb is the bestselling author of 10 books and among the world’s most respected thought leaders on sales, and customer experience. Jeb is an in-demand speaker and spends more than 250 days each year crisscrossing the globe, delivering keynote speeches, and training programs to high-performing sales teams & leaders.

Sanjana Murali
Product Marketer, Hippo Video

Sanjana owns inbound and branding at Hippo Video, a video personalization and distribution platform. She loves to talk about branding and marketing with videos. She values intelligent conversations more than anything else. An eternal writer, words are her lifeline.

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